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Your case will be handled by an EXPERIENCED TAX ATTORNEY I handle all cases personally. Your case will never be turned over to someone who does not have the experience to help you reach the best resolution for your problem... Read the Full Story
I will represent you with INTEGRITY I will always be honest with you regarding the options available to you. I never promise that your debt will be resolved for "pennies on the dollar" through the Offer in Compromise program, prior to a thorough review of your financial information. The truth is that very few people are eligible for an Offer... Read the Full Story
You will always be able TO TRUST ME. I handle all cases personally. In the current economic climate tax resolution services have become big business and many of the businesses offering this type of service have been shut down by their State's Attorney General and subsequently sued by their many unhappy clients. I can provide you with references, so that you can be confidant that your tax problem will be resolved with integrity. Read the Full Story
My rates are very reasonable and usually LOWER than other TAX firms. While the cost of representation should not be the deciding factor when hiring legal help, we live in the real world and the fee you will be charged is an important factor when deciding who to hire... Read the Full Story

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